Chemicals & Laboratory Equipment

Our chemical and equipment range is always changing to meet the needs of our customers while responding to market requirements and currency fluctuations.

We supply chemicals in sizes of 125 gram bottles to 300 kilogram drums suitable for pilot plant projects to full scale operations. Produced in ISO-9000(+) certified plants, our products are stocked and distributed under our own high quality care system that is ISO-9000 compliant. Our chemicals are used extensively in formulations by many major manufacturers of pharmaceutical and processed food products, industrial chemicals, cleaners, paper goods, photo products, adhesives, electroplating products, inks, coatings, waste treatment chemicals and consumer goods.

We can also supply equipment for your industrial and research laboratories. The equipment range includes scientific glassware and basic laboratory instruments. Flasks, condensers, beakers and cylinders in various sizes as well as heating mantles, refractometers, stirring hot plates, ph meters and melting point apparatus will help your research and development.

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